Tower Mapping, Licensed Carrier, and Coverage Data

SteelTree Partners relies on data driven analysis to assist us in ascertaining the fair market value of communication tower assets.

Collectively, the in-house capabilities of SteelTree Partners give it unique capabilities to review tower portfolios and isolate potential buyers based on historical buying trends and how the portfolio matches the potential buyer’s own portfolio.


To that end, SteelTree maintains extensive data about previous sales of tower assets. This proprietary database includes both sales where SteelTree assisted the sellers and those where SteelTree was not involved. The proprietary database includes over a hundred transactions completed over the last 7 years including the price paid for the portfolio, the price per tower, the tenants per tower, geographic locale of the portfolio, and the urban/suburban/rural makeup of the portfolio.


One component of valuation for tower facilities is the location and proximity of competing structures. The greater the number and the closer proximity of competing structures, the greater the impact on the tower cash flow multiple (TCF Multiple). When a potential seller of towers contacts SteelTree Partners, the tower or portfolio is mapped to ascertain the location of competitive structures. SteelTree has access to one of the most comprehensive tower databases in the United States. The tower database consists of over 185,000 cell towers nationwide.


In the offering memorandum that SteelTree provides to potential buyers, SteelTree will incorporate custom mapping to show both the general location of the portfolio and the specific location of the tower assets that make up the portfolio. These maps are catered to emphasize the geographical location and proximity of each tower in the portfolio to each other tower and to the population centers and roadways that they are intended to cover.


By evaluating what carriers currently have a license in the market the tower serves and by reviewing which carriers are actively providing service as demonstrated by their coverage maps at the tower location, SteelTree can ascertain what wireless companies are prospective tenants at a given tower location.