Investor Lender Reports

SteelTree takes pride in being part of the beginnings of a successful venture. We create professional reports and analysis for prospective lenders and investment groups as well as litigation support, we would be happy to tailor one to your needs. Over the past 15 years, we have helped some best-known names in the business secure their first financings from well-known banks and private equity funds in the United States. Lenders tend to rely on industry intelligence and market valuations from qualified experts such as SteelTree Partners in order to get comfortable with prospective financing or investment.

SteelTree has become the “go to” expert for many well-known banks and institutions looking for an independent, well-supported view on the market and industry. In addition to the debt markets, SteelTree confidentially advises well-known private equity firms and hedge funds on the feasibility and risk of a potential equity investment. Whether you’re an owner or an investor, contact SteelTree to discuss the professional services we provide to help you support your investment thesis and determine a well-informed course.