Our advice is free until we’re engaged! If you are interested in selling, developing or investing in towers, feel free to “consult an expert”. If you own a tower and are wondering what the approximate value of it is, please contact us and we will provide a reliable “back-of-the-envelope” calculation of its value. If you need a written valuation, please see Portfolio Valuations or Investor-Lender Reports.

To complete the “back-of-the-envelope” valuation, we will need to see a rent roll showing what tenants are currently on the tower and what they pay. We will need to know what the following expenses are on an annual basis: ground rent, insurance, real and personal property taxes, utilities, and monitoring. We will need to know the location of the tower and when it was built. It would be helpful to know the remaining capacity of the tower. The more complete the data is the better we can forecast results.

Once we have provided our “back-of-the-envelope” estimate, we hope that you will consider retaining our services to procure the best offer for your asset. There is no obligation to retain us or to sell your tower after discussing it with us.

The members of SteelTree Partners have been involved in corporate real estate for over 30 years and will set you on the right path. Don’t settle for less.